Meet your 2022 finalists.

More than 100 entrepreneurial-minded students ventures pitched their ventures for a chance to compete in the 2022 ASU Innovation Open.

The event winners were awarded a total of $325,000. The top two ventures received grand prizes of $100,000 each.

year-2022: Adventus Robotics

Democratizing self-driving technology for a safer and more accessible future.

year-2022: ALGBIO Energy Treatment and Engineering Corporation

ALGBIO produces carbon negative biofuels and bioplastics by treating industrial wastewater and flue gas by algae.

year-2022: Beyond Silicon
Beyond Silicon

Arizona State University

Tandem solar cells for tomorrow's modules.

year-2022: Bloom Surgical
Bloom Surgical

Brigham Young University

Eliminating visual frustration in minimally invasive surgery.

Winner: $25,000

Connectivity prize sponsored by Avnet

year-2022: Candelytics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard

Candelytics builds software to visualize, analyze, and share 3D data.

year-2022: EarthEn

Arizona State University

We provide long-duration energy storage for solar and wind energy producers and consumers.

year-2022: Empallo

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Empallo uses AI to revolutionize our fight against heart failure.

year-2022: Flux Hybrids
Flux Hybrids

NC State University

Cost-effective hybrid conversions for any commercial fleet vehicle.

year-2022: Gencores inc
Gencores inc

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We transform transportation, unlocking high-volume manufacturing of high-performance composites.

Winner: $25,000

Water prize sponsored by SOURCE Global

year-2022: GreenGold

AN -Najah National University

Transforming the waste from crushing olives and making olive oil into a value added product. Think outside the waste.

year-2022: Hempress Hygienics
Hempress Hygienics

San Diego State University

Hygiene products that are healthy for your body and the environment through utilizing hemp fiber.

year-2022: Hubly Surgical
Hubly Surgical

Johns Hopkins University

Advanced intracranial drill fixing the most common neurosurgery's 20% failure.

Winner: $50,000

Human Health prize sponsored by BD

year-2022: Impact Food
Impact Food

University of California Berkley

Reimagining sustainable food systems through delicious and nutritious plant-based seafood.

year-2022: InfernoGuard

Johns Hopkins University

InfernoGuard is reimagining remote wildfire detection and notification ensuring immediate notification of any wildfire threats to landowners at risk.

Winner: $100,000

Climate Change Grand Prize from Breakthrough Energy Ventures

year-2022: Infinity StartUp GmbH
Infinity StartUp GmbH

RWTH Aachen University

RefresherBoxx is a washing machine that works with chemestry and without any water.

year-2022: InnoFlex BV
InnoFlex BV

Technische Universiteit van Eindhoven (TU/e)

Creating a healthy world through nanotechnology.

year-2022: Ivu Biologics
Ivu Biologics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A technology platform focused on storing and delivering microbes effectively.

year-2022: LifeDrive

University of Notre Dame

Fighting for the dignity of independence through wheelchair control.

year-2022: LISUS

University of California Los Angeles

We supply sustainable metals for the energy transition leveraging image processing and AI.

year-2022: ListenIn Inc.
ListenIn Inc.


Addressing the cocktail party problem one voice at a time.

year-2022: M Aerospace RTC Inc
M Aerospace RTC Inc

Cetys University Campus Mexicali

We developed the first affordable large 3D metal system called Armdust 2.0 which is capable of combining several materials.

year-2022: For Mom Care
For Mom Care

California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

A telehealth platform helping physicians support moms through their postpartum recovery.

year-2022: NearWave

Notre Dame

Safe tissue imaging with near infrared light.

Winner: $100,000

Pay It Forward prize sponsored by eSeed

year-2022: Paldara Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Paldara Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Oklahoma State University

We are protected by Paldara.

year-2022: ReNew Innovations
ReNew Innovations

Sasin School of Management

ReNew offers an eco-friendly nanocoating solution that can strengthen cellulose-based materials including corrugated cardboard.

year-2022: Robigo, Inc.
Robigo, Inc.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Engineering the plant microbiome to reduce disease in crops.

year-2022: Skywalk

Stanford University

Wearable devices that empower you to transform real and virtual worlds.

year-2022: SoundPeace

George Washington University

SoundPeace provides an innovative, comfortable solution that blocks sound pollution.

year-2022: Stack

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Computer vision for enterprise regardless of space, size, or budget.

year-2022: SXD

Harvard Business School

Generating beautiful, zero waste clothing designs that cost 55% less.

Winner: $25,000

Digital Access prize sponsored by AWS

year-2022: Uniphage Inc.

Uniphage uses natural language processing to engineer safe bacterial viruses to eliminate bacterial diseases in agriculture.

year-2022: 210 Diagnostic Solutions
210 Diagnostic Solutions

University of Alabama

210 Diagnostic Solutions is a biotech startup that will revolutionize disease detection.

year-2021: AAVAA

Carnegie Mellon University / University of Montreal / McGill University

AAVAA is building a listening device that uses sensor fusion, including brain sensors, to understand and enhance what you want to hear.

year-2021: Ai-Ris LLC
Ai-Ris LLC

Texas A&M University

Ai-Ris provides a low-cost retina imaging system capable of accurately screening for early signs of vision loss due to diabetes without the need of specialists.

year-2021: AtomicAI

University of Pennsylvania

AtomicAI builds data analytics tools for nanotechnology companies that are developing transformative solutions for energy and advanced manufacturing.

year-2021: Aurign

Georgia State University

Aurign’s proprietary algorithms use AI and blockchain technology to secure publishing royalties for music artists.

year-2021: Aurora Medical Systems
Aurora Medical Systems

Northeastern University

Aurora Medical is developing a non-invasive imaging device that rapidly maps skin cancer margins 80% faster than the current gold standard of treatment, enabling surgeons to perform precise tissue conserving surgery at a lower overall cost and maintain a 98% cure rate.

year-2021: Beyond Acoustic Technologies

Beyond Acoustic combines the power of ultrasound, optics and AI to deliver a wearable device that enables a new way of navigating daily life for people with visual impairment.

year-2021: blip energy
blip energy

Northwestern University

blip is a residential energy storage company created to democratize energy storage & accelerate the adoption of renewable resources.

Winner: $100,000

Climate Change prize sponsored by Breakthrough Energy Ventures

year-2021: Cynteract GmbH
Cynteract GmbH

RWTH Aachen University

Cynteract brings gamification to rehabilitation with their smart glove, enabling motivated rehabilitation.

Winner: $25k cash + $25k hardware design

Engineering prize sponsored by ASU eSeed + SilSync

year-2021: Eden GeoPower Inc.

Eden GeoPower is developing a novel technology to decrease the water consumption of hydraulic fracturing.

year-2021: EqualComm LLC
EqualComm LLC

Arizona State University

EqualComm is developing the first universal application to provide real-time ASL communication services between deaf and hearing individuals. Available on-demand on any device, EqualComm is broadening accessibility services.

year-2021: Eyesbox AI
Eyesbox AI

Arizona State University

Eyesbox turns your fridge into a smart fridge.

year-2021: Floe

Yale University

Floe is a smart, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solution for property owners and managers to prevent the $9B+ in damages caused annually by ice dams on U.S. buildings.

Winner: $100,000

IoT prize sponsored by Avnet

year-2021: FloWaste Inc
FloWaste Inc

University of Notre Dame

FloWaste’s food analytics platform uses proprietary image recognition technology to empower cafeterias and quick service restaurants to reduce food waste.

year-2021: Harmony Desal

Harmony Desal making water desalination more affordable and sustainable.

year-2021: Healixir Health
Healixir Health

University of Utah

Healixir builds next-generation home wellness devices.

year-2021: Ichosia Biotechnology
Ichosia Biotechnology

George Washington University

Ichosia is developing a scalable method of producing an enhanced red blood cell product, called Erythrosyn, created by leveraging proprietary genetic engineering and stem cell technologies to address the global blood crisis with a safer, less expensive, and more reliable product.

year-2021: Ithemba, LLC
Ithemba, LLC

Johns Hopkins University

Ithemba is committed to expanding breast cancer diagnosis globally through a novel reusable, contamination-free core needle breast biopsy device.

year-2021: Mount

Northeastern University

Mount empowers real-time, data-driven decisions and operations based on mobility data, analytics and visualization.

year-2021: Nitricity

Stanford University

Nitricity produces on-site fertilizer using air, water and solar electricity so that owners of irrigated farms can decrease their fertilizer + acid + labor cost by $200/acre.

Winner: $25,000

Transform Your Thinking prize sponsored by ON Semiconductor

year-2021: Notos Technologies
Notos Technologies

McGill University

Notos Technologies' disruptive AI navigation system enables a future where aircrafts will be powered by clean and renewable wind energy.

year-2021: Nutrivide Inc.
Nutrivide Inc.

Rutgers University

Nutrivide is an infant consumer products company that aims to enhance quality and convenience in the infant care process, reduce plastic waste in products and packaging, and offer innovatively affordable solutions for all parents.

Winner: $5,000

AWS prize sponsored by Amazon Web Services

year-2021: Optical Waters LLC
Optical Waters LLC

Arizona State University

Optical Waters' flexible and adjustable germicidal optical fibers use light to eliminate disease-causing biofilms in tight channels and tubes.

Winner: $25,000

Technology for Social Equity Prize sponsored by SOURCE Global, PBC

year-2021: Padma Agrobotics LLC
Padma Agrobotics LLC

Arizona State University

Padma Agrobotics is an an agricultural robotics company, building autonomous robots powered by AI-based weed removal technology that significantly increase revenue and provide incremental yield for farmers

year-2021: PhenoLogic

Michigan State University

PhenoLogic produces smart fertigation equipment for indoor agriculture producers, saving time and money, reducing labor, and increasing efficiency and repeatability of production.

year-2021: Sahara Cloud, Inc.

Sahara Cloud is a cloud-based platform for physical product development.

Winner: $25k cash + $10k AWS credits

Amazon Alexa prize sponsored by Amazon Alexa + Amazon Web Services

year-2021: SeebeckCell Technologies, inc
SeebeckCell Technologies, inc

The University of Texas at Arlington

SeebeckCell Technologies is developing liquid-based thermoelectric modules & power generators for industrial, automotive and space applications. SCT's technology enables a higher power-to-weight ratio and greener production through synthetic materials.

year-2021: Sensory Robotics
Sensory Robotics

University of Pennsylvania

Sensory Robotics has a system that allows manufacturers to turn their existing heavy robots into collaborative robots without an expensive overhaul of their production line.

year-2021: SteeroFlex

University of California San Diego

SteeroFlex makes steerable microcatheters for the effective treatment of stroke.

year-2021: Verdant Innovatives
Verdant Innovatives

University of Maryland, College Park

Verdant Innovatives provides customers with a small-scale wind turbine at a third of the price of solar power.

year-2021: ZeroDK Inc.
ZeroDK Inc.

University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine

ZeroDK connects brushing and flossing habits to dental insurance (in the same way car insurance companies use driving behavior to help determine premiums).

year-2020: Acoustic Wells
Acoustic Wells

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Acoustic Wells is developing a novel IoT solution to reduce the impact of oil wells by 250 million tons of CO2 annually while saving the industry $25 billion per year.

Winner: $100,000


year-2020: Aerate

University of Pennsylvania

Aerate is developing the future of cooling. Their novel air conditioner is five times more efficient than current systems and poised to meet the skyrocketing demand for cooling.

year-2020: AlgenAir

University of Maryland

AlgenAir created the first consumer natural air purifier that uses algae to reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen as effectively as 25 houseplants in the home and office space.

year-2020: Alto Power Company
Alto Power Company

Stanford University

The electrification of transportation systems is inevitable and Africa's one billion people are being left behind. Alto Power Company is building a suite of products to enable electric mobility in Africa's fastest growing markets.

year-2020: Closed Composites
Closed Composites

University of Southern California

Closed Composites uses chemistry to recycle carbon fiber composites that otherwise would get shredded and pyrolyzed in ovens.

Winner: $100,000

Breakthrough Energy Ventures Climate Change Prize

year-2020: Contraire

Oklahoma State University

Contraire deploys a retrofittable sensor control system that optimizes the aeration process within municipal wastewater treatment plants, generating electrical savings on average of $250,000 annually.

year-2020: Edgehog Technologies
Edgehog Technologies

Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Edgehog solar panels produce up to 30% more energy simply by eliminating significant light reflection from the cover glass at low angles and keeping the surface clean via a superhydrophobic effect

year-2020: Educational Vision Technologies
Educational Vision Technologies

University of California, San Diego

Educational Vision Technologies uses AI to enable students to excel academically.

year-2020: Feros Freight
Feros Freight

University of Michigan

Feros seamlessly integrates electric vehicle technology into heavy-duty trucking through our development of a power-assist freight trailer.

year-2020: Frost Control Systems, Inc
Frost Control Systems, Inc

University of Notre Dame

Frost Control Systems is in the business of making roads safer and easier to maintain by bringing municipalities and counties up to the same sophistication and standards seen on our nation’s highways and runways.

year-2020: Halen LLC
Halen LLC

Arizona State University

GateSense is a smart, electronic gate latch that makes any existing gate smart and mobile device controlled.

year-2020: Haystack Ag
Haystack Ag

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Haystack Ag empowers farmers to grow their crops more profitably by using portable spectrometers to collect high-quality biometric data on crop quality, soil nutrients and soil carbon.

year-2020: Insanirator

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Insanirator is the future of decentralized sanitation using robots at the community scale.

year-2020: Kiri

Brigham Young University

Kiri is the screenless smart toy that has the benefits of technology without the drawbacks of screens.

Winner: $25,000

On Semiconductor Sensor Prize

year-2020: KnoNap

Georgetown University

KnoNap, the napkin that knows, is a cocktail napkin that detects specific date rape drug presence upon saturation.

Winner: $25,000

Zero Mass Water Technology for Social Equity Prize

year-2020: Nanodropper

Mayo Clinic – University of Washington

The Nanodropper is a universal eyedropper adaptor that decreases the volume of oversized eyedrops to reduce cost, waste and side effects – increasing access to expensive vision-saving medications.

year-2020: NeXST Rehab
NeXST Rehab

Arizona State University

NeXST Rehab's device is a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator paired with a motion sensor that tracks a stroke patient's movement to facilitate neuroplasticity and help regain motor function.

year-2020: Ocular Technologies
Ocular Technologies

Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ocular Techologies improves access to eye care by developing innovative diagnostic solutions.

year-2020: Odin Technologies
Odin Technologies

Northwestern University

Odin Tech is developing a non-invasive wearable device for the monitoring and diagnosis of patients who are at risk of developing vascular injuries, specifically acute compartment syndrome.

year-2020: Omniply

Carleton University

Omniply has a manufacturing process for making flexible electronics, displays, IoT sensors, sticker sensors and wearables for health care and wellness.

year-2020: Drivemate by I-ADAS Technologies Inc.

Drivemate makes driving safer by relieving the driver from the stress, fatigue and boredom, while freeing the driver's hands to attend to other needs as desired under suitable driving conditions.

year-2020: PreOv

University of Utah

PreOv simplifies fertility monitoring with an intravaginal ring and mobile app system that automatically identifies the entire fertile window.

Winner: $25,000

eSeed Challenge Hardware Engineering Prize

year-2020: Sensagrate

Arizona State University

Sensagrate is developing SensaVision, a smart city and smart infrastructure computer vision platform to help save lives through safer transportation and mobility applications.

year-2020: Showcase

University of Pennsylvania

Showcase is a data-focused vending machine network that serves as a platform for brands to exchange products for insight.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology is building state-of-the-art chip scale sensors that enable autonomous machines to navigate and perceive the world around them.

Winner: $25,000

State Farm Autonomous Vehicle Prize

year-2020: SmartRest

Cornell University

SmartRest is a bed overlay device that provides smart technology to assist nurses and caregivers so that they can help their patients and loved ones with pressure ulcer prevention and healing.

year-2020: Visos

Syracuse University

Visos is building the the world's most advanced VR headset designed for enterprise use.

year-2020: Zilper Trenchless
Zilper Trenchless

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Zilper Trenchless is significantly reducing the cost and disruption of underground piping projects.

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